Our company

We are Malaysia based company, selling one of the Best Quality Imported Honey from Bulgaria. We sell special selection of pure natural Organic and Conventional honey.

We offering more than 7 varities of honey, carefully selected to ensure we deliver the highest quality honey. We take great pride in the quality and purity of our honey.

Our honey are delivered straight from the hive to the consumer just the way the bee intended. All our bees colonies are grown organically, without the use of drugs and other substances that may fall into the honey and reduce or damage its health benefits.

You can find Bulgarian honey in many grocery and specialty stores throughout Malaysia, both in our Honey Jars and Honey Spoons.

You can also order Bulgarian honey from our online shop and we will deliver it straight in front of your door.

Our team

Bulgarian Honey is produced by Agroarena - organic honey certified producer in the official list of EUROPE UNION.

In our team employs 3 generations of beekeepers, which is trying to revive, preserve and pass on the traditional methods of bee keeping.

Our Goals

HONEY- we all know how beneficial is for our health. The scientists call it  superfood, powerfood, one of nature's best all-around remedies.

The benefits of honey go beyond its great taste and is an important for our health to include it in our daily list of foods and be at our table every day.

We, from Bulgarian Honey Team knowing how important is to our customers to recognise and choose the best honey will make no compromises to offer on the Malaysian market one of the best quality honey products.

We will do our best to explain and make the people to understand how important the honey is for their health.

We will offer and deliver to our customers one of the best qualities honey and we will do it on very affordable prices.

We will keep in touch with our customers and will respond to any feedback to improve our service.