What is Honey Spoon?

Honey Spoon is a new product with innovative design which allows you to use honey anywhere, anytime.

Honey Spoon is the first of a kind honey product on the market ready to use and easy to carry. You can mix Honey Spoon into your hot drinks or you can eat honey directly from the spoon.

Just simply put it into your tea, coffee or milk and stir. With its unique design Honey Spoon can be carried at office, during your travel or holiday, in your children's school bag.

Honey Spoon is filled with high quality Bulgarian Wild Forest Herbal Honey and comes to you in 10, 20 and 30 pieces packages or in a single piece.

No more messy packets or sticky fingers-simple peel back the spoon's cover and drop it in your drink. The spoon doubles as a stirrer so also there's less waste.

Honey Spoon is ready for use everywhere, anytime.