Honey is one of the wonders of nature - one of the supperfoods. Today, scientists agree on the exclusive unique healing properties of bee honey. Powerful stimulator of the immune system, bee honey protect the human body from viral diseases, improving mental performance, regulating blood pressure, protect against leukemia. Furthermore,except vitamins, enzymes and minerals, bee honey contain essential amino acids which five times exceed those contained in meat, eggs and cheese.

Bulgaria has a rich diversity of over 1100 species honey plants, of which 650 with medicinal properties. A Bulgarian honey has extremely high curative qualities and taste, so high that exporters use it as a enhancer for the conventional honey produced and in their countries.

The reason to choose Bulgarian Honey is that you know exactly where it comes from, you know that the honey is undamaged and that it is what it claims to be.


We have a quality system of traceability that enables you to enter a LOT code into our system to show:

    • Every apiary from where the honey has been collected.
    • Every analytical outcome for every jar from the LOT.


All honey crystallizes and must be liquefied before it can be placed in the retail pack. How it is liquefied is the key.

      • All Bulgarian Honey is liquefied by patented process that always gives the lowest amount of heat damage.
      • We don't need to pasteurize our honey to stop it fermenting because the honey produced in Bulgaria is with the lowest content of water in Europe.
      • We only strain our honey to remove visible impurities but retain all the natural things like pollen that should be in natural honey.


        • Every LOT of Bulgarian Honey is passing strict testing process that proves the quality of our honey and you can see all the certificates.