Bulgarian Herbal Honey

Honey has a very important property - to receive healing substances of the plants from which is made. That is why the Bulgarian Herbal Honey is unique in its nature because its beneficial nutritional qualities are determined by the characteristic of the herbs growing in region from where it is collected. For that reason herbal honey is extremely valuable to human health and has emphasized therapeutic and prophylactic actions. 

Our bee farms are located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria and the area from where our honey is colleted there is an extremely biodiverse with hills with the altitude of 240 to 850 meters.There is no developed intensive agriculture, industry, large settlements and other forms of human activity (not grow GM crops), which may have a negative impact on the environment and therefore the quality our bee products. There are over 100 species of wild herbs as one of the most useful ones are thyme, oregano, yarrow, mint, dandelion, chamomile, lemon balm and many others.

Healing / Medical Benefits

Bulgarian Herbal Honey includes many useful substances from wild herbs, this honey is defined as powerful immune stimulator with multifaceted positive impact on the human body. It is suitable for regular consumption throughout the year and as a prophylactic general healing.

The Bulgarian Herbal Honey has complex qualities. There is emphasized therapeutic and preventive effect of the respiratory tract, gastro - intestinal tract, gynecological disorders. Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, improves the immune system. The herbal honey is recommended for fatigue, a general strengthening of the organism , and there are anti sclerosis effect. The herbal honey is recommended for fatigue, a general strengthening of the organism , and there are anti sclerosis effect.

Essential uses of honey is its internal use. When the intention is to influence the processes in upper respiratory tract is required the honey to retained longer in the mouth that its antibiotic substances may be contacted for longer periods with the oral mucosa. Can be taken and dissolved in warm milk, tea or in combination with propolis. When used in its antimicrobial properties in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (enteritis, colitis), is recommended to be taken in the form of a thick aqueous solution. 
The herbal honey, put on an open wound, leading to a rush of blood and lymph. It causes the release of specific secretion that cleans the wound surface. The herbal honey has and antibacterial action. For the treatment of open deep wound required very powerful and expensive drugs, with which healing of the wound will take an average of 1 month. Using the herbal honey wound will heals for 5 days. Herbal honey contains flavonoids that enhance the regenerative abilities of cells. Đ•pithelializing and antibiotic activity of the honey is used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and even in the vagina.